Thursday, June 21, 2012

E3 2012 Fashion

E3 is a yearly expo for everything the gaming industry has to offer, a 3-day event filled with new games to new consoles. From the introduction of the Nintendo Wii U to Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, it is a fun event for all ages!

I was given the opportunity to go on the last day and it was fantastic! In fact, I got lots to show for it!

E3 2012 Swag
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What I'd really like to talk about is the fashion at E3! There are some really great fashion ideas that come from this gamer's paradise!

This World of Warplanes Pilot is an easy outfit to put together! 

A body con dress, a short sleeve cropped cardigan, and aviators are all you need to get your gaming boyfriend to focus on the real deal, instead of the animated ones! =P Get a real summery feel by splashing some color into this outfit.
cropped cardigan .
color block pumps .
body con dress .
clutch .
aviator sunglasses .

An Alien vs Predator marine jumpsuit can be empowering and sexy!

Take a feminine twist on the jumpsuit by choosing a light colored one. Add other pastel colors to make the outfit pop! This Hampton style look will definitely turn heads!
jumpsuit .
nail polish .
fedora .
necklace .
handbag .
sandals .
bracelet .

For the daring...
Recreate a Tekken Inspired look with just a few simple pieces.

A Chinese floral print top and simple lace skirt will do the trick. To really update the look, follow the thigh high stocking trend paired with some Jeffrey Campbell Litas. Adding a knuckle ring clutch will really keep up with that kick-ass look! Finally, you can bust out your red lipstick and some creative eye makeup to complete the effect.
chinese print top .
lace skirt .
thigh high stockings .
knuckle ring clutch . Alexander McQueen
Jeffrey Campbell Lita "inspired" boots .

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